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After a lengthy leave from Gianni Versace Sp A, Donatella reemerged to assume the roles of chief designer and vice president of the board.

She also obtained a 20 percent stake in the company, while Allegra Versace Beck—her daughter with Paul Beck—received 50 percent.

Her direction turned out such creations as a green dress worn by Lopez at the Grammy Awards ceremony in 2000.

The piece was deemed an instant classic in fashion history.

“Ryan shot a scene with Allegra,” a source said at the series’ premiere at Metrograph.

“But he respected Donatella’s wishes and took it out.

Hadid’s post mirrors one from Versace back on April 23, when the model turned 23.

Between throwback shots of Hadid on the runway and on set with the brand, Versace wished her a happy birthday.“Sorry I can’t be there with you,” she said. You’re part of the Versace family and you have a special place in my heart.”We’re guessing Versace meant she wasn’t able to make Hadid’s birthday party in New York, but in some ways she was there in spirit.

Versace also led the company through a design reinvention after her brother’s death in 1997.

Donatella Versace did not want her daughter, Allegra, portrayed in the upcoming FX series “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story,” and creator Ryan Murphy removed her character, sources tell Page Six. Allegra’s now a director at the family fashion house, but keeps a low public profile.

But Murphy thought better of portraying Versace’s niece, who was a child at the time of the fashion designer’s sensational murder.

She also made final design decisions in the construction of Versace’s second hotel, in Dubai, completed in 2015.

focused on the violent shooting of Gianni Versace on the front steps of his Miami mansion in 1997, episode 2 — set partly in 1994 — tackles a very different brush with death.

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As artistic director and vice president, Versace advanced the company’s image through her public relations skills and confident design direction. as Versace attached the faces of Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and other stars to the Versace line.

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