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Because one of the most effective ways for you to grow your business is to have a relationship with people who have bought from you in the past.So if you understand that and you have that long term view and you take your business seriously, then using fake scarcity is really just going to poison that well.So one of the trademark sayings in the direct, face-to-face selling business is the delay of the sale is the death of the sale.In other words, if I'm sitting in your office and we're talking about investing in a real estate deal and I'm trying to convince you to do it, you say, "Man, Jack, this sounds great. Here's the value that you get when you pay me what I'm asking. I also invite you to grab a free copy of “The Wealthy List Builder’s Survival Guide” at and now once again it’s time to claim your List Building Lifestyle. Download the transcript of today’s episode and all future episodes at

Igor: Personally, I think they're just lazy to go out there and to figure out how to install these timers and how to use the scarcity properly, it's a difficult task. And you have to deal with lots and lots of technology, a challenge, which I believe you kind of stumbled into before you created Deadline Funnel, when you were working for Perry and you had to develop this robust timer that would fit into your system. So for most people, dealing with scarcity timers, dealing with scarcity technology, thinking through the entire campaign in terms of scarcity, is a really difficult thing to do. I agree that most people out there who sell products are honest, that they don't attempt to scam people, they don't try just to make a quick buck.For lots of reasons, you don't want to be lying to people.But even if you put the moral issues aside and just think about your business and your growth and you just think of it from what's going to best serve you in your business, you want to sell a market with integrity because it's that integrity that's going to help drive that second, third, fourth, fifth transaction. Because they know that if you say, "Hey, the deal ends today." that it truly does end today.Some people have seen will put a countdown timer on their sales page, and we've all seen this where you forget to buy something and then you come back the next day the tab is still open and the countdown rolls back, it resets, even though the page says, "Hey, this deal ends tonight." So people try to do it in an evergreen fashion because they also are savvy enough to understand the power of marketing automation.But again, they either don't know how to do authentic evergreen urgency, they don't know that there are options out there, like our software, or they know and they're just being too cheap, or they don't see their business as an asset the way that they should if they're taking a long-term view.

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Some do, of course, but most are good people that just don't understand how to do it.

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