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Several doctors were persuaded to give it to their children, who then died of leukemia.75% of the cases of aplastic anemia resulting from the administration of chloromycetin were fatal. In December 1963, a Washington grand jury indicted Richard Merrell and chairman William S. They filed a "no contest" plea and on June 4, 1964 were fined the maximum fine, ,000.Thus we find that the United States still maintains an overwhelming lead in the production and sale of drugs. Each of the three spawns is now larger than the old I. BASF is represented in the United States by Shearman and Sterling, the Rockefeller law firm of which William Rockefeller is a partner. 1 drug firm, Merck, began as an apothecary shop in Darmstadt, Germany, in 1668. Connor is also a director of a competing drug firm, Warner Lambert, director of the media conglomerate Capital Cities ABC, and director of Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank. The grand daddy of all nostrums is Goddard's drops, a bone distillate which was sold as a cure for gout in England in 1673.In the United States, the sale of prescription drugs rose in 1987 by 12.5% to billion. Frye notes that the Drug Trust in the United States is controlled by The Allied Military Government split it up into three companies after World War II, as part of the "anti-cartel" goals of that period, which was not unlike the famed splitting up of Standard Oil itself by court order, while the Rockefellers maintained controlling interest in each of the new companies. In 1711, Tuscarora rice was sold there as a cure for consumption.

He attended a meeting in Rye, New York, May 10-12, 1985.CBS also avoided any mention of the names of the manufacturers or distributors of thalidomide, although a typical operation of their brand of "adversary journalism" would have been to thrust a microphone into the face of the firm's chairman, and demand to know why they didn't realize this was a dangerous drug. Merrell also produced MER/29, which was advertised as breakthrough in anticholesterol drugs.It was soon found that MER/29 caused dermatitis, changing color of hair, loss of sex drive and a condition known as "alligator skin." In 1949, Parke-Davis' chloromycetin was hailed as the new wonder drug.Parke-Davis defense counsel was a former federal judge from 1957 to 1960, Lawrence Walsh, who is now much in the news as the White Knight who is prosecuting political figures on vague charges of malfeasance., Assistant Secretary of HEW and the Secretary of HEW, Finch, claiming they were "over-emphasizing dangers"; the warning on the pill was then cut from 600 words to only 96 much milder words; this warning was increased by Secretary Finch himself of April 7, 1970 to 120 words of warning, which was released personally by Finch.The pill was then found to cause fatal blood clotting, heart attack and cancer.

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