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It’s believed that instead of flying back to Hong Kong today, he has gone to Vancouver, Canada to help his mother move to another place (avoid the media glare) and also take temporary refuge for some relief.

His refusal to return to Hong Kong now stems from the fact that he could be hunted down by the triads upon his entry and also possible prosecution (victim - accused) by the police for his involvement in the scandal. Rumours flew around the media yesterday that Gillian and Juno Mak with whom she has been seen with since the scandal broke got married secretly. A close friend of Gillian revealed that she was not upset with the photos being leaked but more so at Edison Chen for apparently cheating on her while dating her.

It’s said that Edison loves to brag to his friends about the women he has conquered.” Gillian has been meeting with lots of obstacles since returning to work.

For the first time, Gillian finally has broken her silence and opened up the cause of their breakup.

Citing that they had different personalities, Gillian said, “We had different lifestyles.

Twins were not on the list for an annual event hosted by a Hong Kong radio station even though they were regulars in previous years.

Their plans to tour Taiwan next week to promote their album has been put on hold.

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