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When I was obese people would never give me the time of day (once again, doesn't upset me, just an observation) and yet when I was thinner the same people seemed to feel It's not shallow of you to have standards, fucking hell.

There are so many standards when it comes to finding someone; kindness, intellect, similar interests, age, disposition.

You wish to continue an active lifestyle, statistically if you have a partner who has the same desire you will be more likely to succeed. Do fat lesbians go out with other fat lesbians then or are there a small number of healthy lesbians that are together and a lot of single fat girls?Do you find you attract more attention from other men/women?If you feel like you are getting more attention, is it from people you would actually be interested in or is it mostly from people that you think are only interested because of your new looks.more bigger girls end up dating one another and skinny girls than I see bigger girls dating men. Like there are thin men who like bears in the gay community there are thin women who like bigger girls in the lesbian community as well.The difference I've found is most bears don't tell non-interested men they should be interested, while bigger lesbians certainly like to lecture you for not finding fat attractive.

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