Effects of spring on dating

Male Veterans with PTSD are more likely to report the following problems than Veterans without PTSD: Most of the research on PTSD in families has been done with female partners of male Veterans.

The same problems can occur, though, when the person with PTSD is female.

The findings showed that Vietnam Veterans with PTSD: Families of Veterans with PTSD experience more physical and verbal aggression.

They also go through physical and emotional violence. This refers to the indirect impact of trauma on those close to the survivor.

Compared to Veterans without PTSD, Veterans with PTSD have more marital troubles.

They share less of their thoughts and feelings with their partners.

Violence is committed not just by the males in the family.

One research study looked at male Vietnam Veterans and their female partners.

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Partners have a number of challenges when living with a Veteran who has PTSD.

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