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With that said, you should expect the cache entries have been removed from the cache instance on each node in the replication domain.DRS plays a critical role to ensure that the cache within a clustered environment is fresh and accurate.Access the cache monitor for each node and navigate to a specific cache and its contents.In screen shot below, I have viewing the cache contents of base Cache. From one of the browser windows with cache monitors, clear or invalidate the cache entries.Since Data Cache invalidation is self managed, We should not need to understand the underlying structure, but you may be curious about how Data Cache manages invalidations, or require additional information about this for your site tuning.Data Cache invalidation IDs format in CACHEIVL The Data cache dependency IDs are based upon which table is being cached, and what type of operation is performed to create this data.The cache is configured in "write-through" mode and the invalidation is done at start of each decrementer exception. fasp=1&WT_TYPE=Errata&WT_VENDOR=FREESCALE&WT_FILE_FORMAT=pdf&WT_ASSET=Documentation&file Ext=.pdf) Can someone confirm that cache invalidation is impossible in this specific case ?

Its important to understand that in the time it takes to replicate, additional cache entries could have been created.Ensure that dependency id support is selected and enable replication is selected and then point to the replication domain created for the cluster and use type Not Shared.Once you have identified the cached objects that you want to replicate, you would update the to set a sharing policy.Its important to understand that a cache instance is not created until it is accessed the first time and will not be replicated until after the cache instance has talked to other servers in cluster (called bootstrapped).Troubleshooting tips: I wanted to share an easy way to validate DRS is working as expected.

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There are three replication settings for dynamic cache that can be used: In Commerce, we recommend to only use NOT_SHARED type so only the invalidation is shared across nodes.

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