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The following control declaration can be added to an ASP.

NET page template in the Visual Studio Web Application project.

The form can edit, insert or display readonly records depending on the mode property assigned to the control.Manually raising the event to update the record can be done by calling the Update Item method on the control.The following example assumes the Crm Entity Form View's ID property has been set to "Form View".For the Datepicker to be rendered you will need to include a script reference to the yahoo script and stylesheet file that is providing the calendar interface. The Crm Entity Form View control has several properties that can be specified to modify the behavior. Set to "true" indicates that the validation summary should render anchor links next to the validation error message to allow scrolling to the field in position on the form.An integer value of the language code or Locale ID of a language pack installed and provisioned in the CRM organization used to localize labels. Set to "false" results in ommission of the anchor links. On Post Back The Crm Entity Form View will not re-databind if this value is false.

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Lasty, the select query of the object datasource is a stored procedure that performs several joins based on PF/FK relationships to bring back more meaningful information than just a FK, so some columns are just the joined value, and can not be updated directly.

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