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This month is PCOS Awareness Month and I have made a video all about my pregnancy, PCOS & the law of attraction.

Thank you for your patience, thank you for your love.WATCH HERE As a fan of the Japanese art of simplicity and minimalism (Kon Mari) I have to admit, I’m not a fan of the traditional, messy vision boards, created from old magazine & newspaper cuttings.Not only are they not aesthetically pleasing, but it’s often hard to find decent, relevant, inspirational images via magazines.In her I see the thousands of women before me, my Prussian grandmother, the refugee who walked from Poland to Germany in the war, unfamiliar faces from Saint Vincent, a place I’ve never been which are now a part of her blood.I read somewhere during my pregnancy that memories are passed down through the mother into the unborn child in the form of dreams, and that these become their instincts.

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You only need to look to Pinterest & Instagram to find a huge wealth of inspiration for your own life using hashtags such as #familygoals #weddinginspo #fitness #travel & more.

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