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If you know of a specific app that can handle the intent, you can also provide a link for the user to download the app (see how to link to your product on Google Play). If the system identifies more than one activity that can handle the intent, it displays a dialog (sometimes referred to as the "disambiguation dialog") for the user to select which app to use, as shown in figure 1.

If there is only one activity that handles the intent, the system immediately starts it.

I have an app that uses pan To() to smoothly animate the center of a map along a geodesic line.

Setting the MIME type further specifies which kinds of activities should receive the intent.

// Build the intent Uri location = Uri.parse("geo:0,0?

q=1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California"); Intent map Intent = new Intent(Intent.

However, if the action to be performed could be handled by multiple apps and the user might prefer a different app each time—such as a "share" action, for which users might have several apps through which they might share an item—you should explicitly show a chooser dialog as shown in figure 2.

The chooser dialog forces the user to select which app to use for the action every time (the user cannot select a default app for the action). // This says something like "Share this photo with" String title = get Resources()String(R.string.chooser_title); // Create intent to show chooser Intent chooser = Intent.create Chooser(intent, title); // Verify the intent will resolve to at least one activity if (intent.resolve Activity(get Package Manager()) !

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