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My leggings and baggy T-shirt are totally mismatched, and the addition of Keds sort of screams, "I just don't care." My goal was to see how people react to just me: to my normal, no artificially added products, self.

From Ok Cupid: These days, vintage-inspired apparel is my go-to fashion choice.

That's kind of what I went for, thus the make-believe bling.

There is undoubtedly a lot of stigma toward women who dress what is so often called "provocatively," so I wanted to put this ensemble to the test.

Everyone from my brother (who I considered my best friend) to the hostess at our favorite Italian restaurant (who sat us in the most hidden, secluded corner of the restaurant despite it being empty) tried their very best to steer clear of me. In the years since, I've spent a lot of time thinking about how harshly we judge others based on their fashion choices.

We all do it to some extent or another, and I admit to being guilty of it myself — whether toward the cheerleaders at my high school who packed on the foundation or the wannabe hipsters of my university who pride themselves in their ability to recite Howl from start to finish (which, I'll admit, is pretty impressive).

I also made my profile open to both men and women.)Besides noting the reactions of random people online, I of course showed my partner and his parents each of the looks in person, and sent the photos to several friends via email.

I even added a beautiful and somewhat mystical-feeling stone necklace to complete things.

Pearls, rosy red cheeks, and a waist-cinching belt did the trick.

Because this is a pretty "traditional" look, meaning something that's come in and out of fashion for decades and always received pretty well, I thought it'd be a good test of how people react when they see women in clichéd, standard, womanly wear.

But its heavy reliance on black (both in the clothes and makeup) undoubtedly makes one stand out.

From Ok Cupid: For this look, I wanted to do a night-life-deluxe thing. And I totally went to town on my eyebrows, literally using up half of my pencil.

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