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It is a very lonely place to be and your partner is usually the person closest so often the one who gets the blame – if only they were more affectionate or demonstrative; why don’t they make you happy?

In this state we see all of our partner’s faults in technicolor and may accuse them of being the very thing we are denying in ourselves – selfish, angry, lacking in affection, shut down, cold and heartless -We are sure that if this were a perfect relationship we would never feel this way.

It may equally be a response to old relationships that have not been fully healed.

We withdraw because we think we are going to be hurt again or because something has upset us and we don’t know how to talk about it or say what we need.

Some people are permanently shut down, not trusting anyone but desperately wanting someone to break through their defences and touch their heart.

You will know when your heart has closed because the world will seem like a dull place – the colour and vitality go like a sun-faded picture; you lose trust in people and often feel angry, blaming, and resentful and like the world is against you.

Traditionally it is believed that it is men who retreat into their caves leaving their poor women outside baffled and confused as to what to do to coax them out.

Realistically it can be either sex that withdraws emotionally and it can be a painful experience, both for the person who has withdrawn and for the person on the outside.

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