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Unless this guy actually leaks it (which I hope he doesn't, DCC must be embarrassed enough over the whole thing), I'm calling bullshit and dismissing that guy as an attention whore.

Plus the story was the guy who recorded the Omegle video didn't realise who he'd recorded, so this would either need to be a video DCC recorded, or another third party recorded him. R293 I mean, (to be grossly stereotypical) he's a ballet dancer in the entertainment industry who follows Ana Matronic and No H8 Campaign on twitter. He was supposedly dating the actress that played Myrcella anyway, plus he just generally seems super dudebroish (albeit more into the way he looks than the average straight guy).

I feel like after playing a Lannister, he's taken familial relationships in the wrong direction. If people in this thread are clutching their pearls over others wanting to see this 19 year having a wank then do yourselves a favor and stay out of the Dylan Sprayberry thread. He was in Billy Elliott for five years, progressing from playing "Small Boy" to the cross dressing best friend, to the title role. While some of you are clutching your pearls or other things on your person, I'm wondering if he got to sing showtunes backstage with Diane Langton.

When I have to give it a thought I realize just how not for me it is, they are just kids. Someone claiming to be his friend commented on the now deleted reddit thread about this, asking people to stop posting the video and talking about it. In the video he is actually pulling away from his cousin when he gets too close.

I mean my nephew, who's 14, looks older than this Chapman guy. Dean was very focused on whoever was on the other end of the computer.

And earlier at r142 you said it was bigger than you expected. I really wanted to see them come right across that pool table, and it looked like there might be progress around the 17 minute mark, alas, not meant to be. Of course, probably me seeing what I want to, but when he pointed out his pre-Tommen character was Tommen's cousin - the look on his face really seemed to be "why the fuck did I say that? This is based on the fact that the cousin is naked at the start of the video, Dean looks a little uncomfortable, and me having WAY too much time on my hands.[quote] just wanking off together isn't incest Eh, it is still uncomfortably close for some people.

So clearly you've watched the video, seen his dick, and are still wondering at the size of it. Either he's never coming back to social media or he has created another Instagram and Twitter account and made it private. I can see not wanting to be reminded of it, especially the cousin factor. They aren't touching each other, sure, but they have their dicks out doing sexual acts with a family member. I mean two guys masturbating together itself is pretty gay.

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(by the way, I reported the site OP linked to as cp. He is awful cozy with Isaac Hempstead Wright but I am pretty sure both boys are painfully str8.

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