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For a good discussion on this topic, I recommend having a look at this article entitled Pronouning Your Hermaphrodite that I came across. " My advice, consult actual hermaphrodites and ask them if they are okay with it (off the top of my head, asking on Quora would be a decent (not good, but decent) place to pose that particular question. Why is it this race doesn't have it's own language?The article and subsequent discussion covers a few of the points I've made above, as well as gives some excellent references to other books that have tackled this issue. Even if you only hint at it by means of using certain words?Sometimes this was done without the explanation, as a conscious play on gender expectations in the reader.A recent close example is Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie, in which English "she" is used for both genders in a culture that "doesn't much care about gender" and does not have gendered pronouns in its language: She was probably male, to judge from the angular mazelike patterns quilting her shirt. It wouldn't have mattered, if I had been in Radch space. They explicitly state that they don't mind when confused humans refer to them as he/she/it/they.However, what pronoun should members of this species use when talking about each other (to a human)?

This should not be a problem to your readers after some introductory explanation (in text or in a preface) and a few reminders every now and then during the narrative.

A clear advantage is that your readers wouldn't have to constantly remind themselves that "she" doesn't mean "female".

Singular in my writing before it has been accepted by the majority of my target audience.

Other writers may want to take a stand for gender neutral language and use singular they in their writing as a political act. It is free of prejudice, clearly singular, and its slight suggestion of Broken English fits the fact that it is spoken by aliens perfectly.

Certain languages have no third person pronouns and their speakers use nouns (such as "servant" in Japanese) to refer to other persons.

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