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Clay: So I like this for a lot of reasons, but what do you like about this James? You select your answer, and you know, they’re just kind of joking… So what James is saying is that when you go to a page, and the first thing you see is an e-mail entry box…

They’re seeing that you just want to take and take and take.

Clay: One thing I would do with this page is I would have something in this box that says, you know, enter your e-mail address, right.

Clay: Now, this should be grayed out, and when you click on this, it should automatically delete it.

And when you answer this and you click ‘Submit’ you have the opportunity to enter your e-mail address here. Clay: So a bunch of things are happening here actually. Clay: …and then when they get e-mails later down the road, they don’t know why they’re getting those e-mails. So this is not quite as good, is a double-confirmed opt-in, but it’s almost is good, right. Clay: They’re getting you to say where this sweepstakes is coming from.

Clay: And when you mark an e-mail as spam, you’re telling Google, or Yahoo, or whatever platform you’re using to mark the e-mail spam that this provider is sending spam, and that makes it harder for App Sumo in this case to deliver their e-mails.

Clay: So you’ll notice that in stores, the thing that the store wants you by most of all is on the right side.

However, my guess about what’s going on here is that they’re trying to do advertising in Google and in Facebook, and that drives down your quality scores, and Google tends to charge you a lot more if you just have a straight up aggressive old-school style squeeze page. Clay: But they’re doing something that’s really smart. It scrolls down so that you’re just shown this area right here, right.

Clay: They’re fulfilling their requirements, but the version of the page that you see when you just go to internet, Insider Internet

James: Number three is insider internet dating, always a popular topic. So I have seen – When this is done correctly, I have seen this kind of squeeze page get the highest conversions in terms of opt-in rates.

It’s clean and there’s a whole lot of things going right with this. This type of thing, this navigation bar tends to really drive down opt-in rates because…

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But you know, it works in this market, and you know, I’m not saying I endorse this type of headline or the copywriting here, but the format of this page is absolutely right on. I’ve used these types of squeeze pages before and this format of squeeze page absolutely crashes it. Now, one thing that you’ll notice is that, you know, there’s this header here, and there is this area right here where you can go to different parts of the page.

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