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This is recognized in Ireland where youth work is defined in law.

It is to be provided ‘primarily by voluntary youth work organizations’ (Government of Ireland 2001). We know, for example, that those who belong to groups are happier and healthier than those who do not; and that neighbourhoods where there is community activity tend to be safer and economically active.

Sunday Schools schools often used more informal ways of working and later developed a range of activities including team sports and day trips.

It is also possible to look to ragged schools in the first half of the nineteenth century as precursors of youth work.

In other words, the significance of ‘youth’ as a category began to be recognized.Respect Effect was developed in partnership with teens, and focuses on developing and building the skills young people need to keep themselves safe, to promote positivity and respect (online and off!), and to create and sustain healthy relationships.Join That’s Not Cool (and special guests Break The Cycle!) to learn all about this new tool, and how you, like Break The Cycle, can use Respect Effect in your violence prevention work with youth.

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