Is viggo mortensen dating ariadna gil

People don't know when he's going to arrive, but it will always be before he's due on set.

He gets off the plane, rents a car, turns up and starts to decorate his trailer.

Mortensen thinks of his captain as "a Danish Don Quixote" and the film as a "hybrid fairytale" with echoes of Hans Christian Andersen and Borges. On the one hand he's this consummate artist, on the other he's humble and open.

Few stars of his stature would consider such a low-budget arthouse film in a foreign language - let alone co-produce it, be able to act in both Spanish and Danish, and be prepared to sport such spectacularly awful whiskers. He will say something like that without even thinking, which I love about him." The anecdote is a reminder of the different temperaments, the Latin and the Scandinavian, that infuse the film and might be contained simultaneously within Mortensen himself.

I believe that helped me relax, helped me understand that it was always 'only a movie'." And typically of the man, he's profited not with an ascent to A-list Hollywood projects, but an eclectic range of roles that includes the father in the devastating post-apocalypse drama The Road, a 17th-century soldier-turned-mercenary in Spanish swashbuckler Alatriste, identical twins in his first Argentine film, thriller Everybody Has A Plan, and the conman in the Patricia Highsmith adaptation Two Faces Of January.

This time he brought some of the things from that Viennese world that Freud inhabited. I was never overwhelmed, because there was a real lightness and easiness to it.

And he wrote those letters you see in the film, painstakingly, like Freud did. Viggo is a very independent soul, and a very gentle one." And, it appears, a bit of a wag.

To play William Burroughs in On The Road, he arrived on set in New Orleans with his own pistol and shoulder holster, and first editions of books that Burroughs himself would have read.

And to play the 19th-century Danish soldier in his new film, Jauja, he went shopping in Copenhagen.

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