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This paper represents an attempt to use the tools of legal and economic analysis to provide interesting new insights and ideas for the establishment and development of the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone (Qianhai).

We have not consulted with the Hong Kong or Shenzhen governments on this project and nothing in this paper represents their views or tacit approval.

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We find that such a zone would increase innovation-led profits in the logistics, IT, and other Qianhai-targeted sectors by a factor of four in the short-run and a factor of ten in the longer run.

We also find that even in the shorter-run, R&D spending will produce far less profit and new ideas will fail to emerge as in other locations.

The structure of innovation-related markets in the Qianhai region keep profits from R&D spending and innovation to about 1/3 of their level if an activist innovation agency promoted reforms which make R&D more profitable.

Policymakers on the Mainland and in Hong Kong have supported the development of the Qianhai region in south-west Shenzhen as a kind of innovation incubator.

Behind the public declarations stands a vision to use the project to support R&D, innovative new companies in selected sectors like high-tech and logistics, and to attract capital as a way to bolster both cities position as national/international financial centres.

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