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80th birthday jokes that’ll make you giggle like a baby. Turning 80 is something to joke about, so here’s some hilarious stuff to help you hit the high notes. explain Man: Honey lets put it this way your privates a prison and mines a prisoner so you put the prisoner in the prison So they have sex for the first time then the man gets tired to take a break the woman says honey the prisoner escaped so they have sex again then he took his dick out for a while because he was so exhausted and the woman says "Honey the prisoner escaped again." Man: ITS NOT A LIFE LONG SENTENCE OK! "I use those in my act." "Well, show me," the officer demanded. Be strong and I love you, too." Firing Squad Three prisoners, an American, a German, and a Polak, are scheduled to be executed by firing squad. Next, they place the German in front of the firing squad. The officer goes and kicks the one with the brunet in it and she yells, "MEEEYYOWW! All expenses are paid by taxpayers with no workrequired. You get to pay all the expenses to go to work andthen they deduct taxes from your salary to pay forprisoners. You spend most of your life looking through barsfrom inside wanting to get out. You spend most of your time wanting to get out andgo inside bars. " He froze and was clearly very surprised that I was there, and then he looked me straight in the face and said: "A pumpkin? Lawrence was found guilty only of public intoxication, fined . Prisoner Woman: Honey you no im a virgin and i no nothing about sex.. Look at the test they're giving now." Pulled Over A cop pulled me over on the road; I was speeding. I saw him kissing on your neck and then he left in a hurry. If he wants to have sex with you, just go along with it and pretend you like it. You're right, he hasn't seen a woman in years, but he wasn't kissing my neck.... He said he thinks you're really cute and asked if we kept the Vaseline in the bathroom. " To which his partner replies, "Then kick them just to be sure it's not them hiding". A cellebrity What's a prisoners favorite building materials? Cause its hard time What do you call a famous inmate? You must carry around a security card and unlock andopen all the door yourself.

Where can you find a bunch of clowns who deserve to be in jail?

" Embezzlement A man who had been caught embezzling millions from his employer went to a lawyer seeking defense. When the man was sent to prison, he didnt have a dime. "Do you remember when your father caught us in the back seat of my car making out?

" Then he kicks the sack with the blonde in it and she yells, "POTATOES! There's no way you'll go to jail with all that money." And the lawyer was right.

"I said: 'Excuse me sir, but do you realize that you're having sex with a pumpkin? " The court (and the judge) could not contain their laughter. " and drove away." Hooker As a hooker was dressing, she turned to her customer and asked, "Have you just gotten out of prison? He got on the bed right over the woman, and it appeared he was kissing her neck. As soon as possible the husband made his way across the room to his bride, his chair in tow, and whispered, "Honey, this guy hasn't seen a woman in years. Be strong and I love you." After spitting out the gag in her mouth, the half naked wife says: "Dear, I'm so relieved you feel that way. In the farm house there were three burlap sacks sitting around. When the cops came to the farm house the one of the cops saw the sacks, the officers yells, "There's just three burlap sacks in here!

"I walked up to Lawrence and he's just humping away at this pumpkin." Deputy Taylor went on to describe what happened when she approached Lawrence... He tied the man to a chair on one side of the room and his wife on the bed. " Blonde There were these three women who escaped from prison. So to get away from the cops they hid in an abandoned farm house.

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Cellery What's an inmates favorite place to hangout?

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