Male sexual contact with animals was more common among rural farm dwellers than urban men.

Coitus was the most common sexual activity, usually with animals, such as calves, sheep, and burros.

As a department, we wish we could go back and do things differently.

Unfortunately, we can't.'What we can do is apologize and take responsibility…

and a K-9 simply wasn't controlled,' one of Collins' attorneys, Andrew Noel told the Tribune.

Historically, taboos against human-animal contact have been quite severe. Many such laws remain to this day, although enforcement varies.

In addition to the legal and health concerns, sexual contact with animals is usually considered a form of animal cruelty because it can seriously injure the animal, and the animal does not have the capacity to "give consent." While curiosity about sexual contact with animals may be normal, and people may develop emotional bonds with with pets or other animals, given these risks and concerns, it's probably best for zoophilia to remain within the realms of fantasy rather than practice.

A woman, who was attacked by a Minnesota cop's K9 as she was taking out her trash in September, filed a lawsuit against the officer on Wednesday.

According to the lawsuit, the injuries that Collins sustained required hospitalization.

She suffered a bite wound to her lower left leg and multiple bites to her right arm during attack, according to the suit.'What you have here is a completely innocent person taking out their garbage…

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Apart from it being against the law (I think), are there medical reasons why this is not a good idea?

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