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In one end there is a huge "gallery" section which extends back a full twenty-six rows, all the way to row "Z". Peterborough's Memorial Centre is notorious for its square corners; they're unlike any you've ever seen before.

The fourth side of the building has no seating at all but instead has a stack of private suites and a sports bar. In fact, the Zamboni can't get directly into the corners to clean the ice, and as a result the corners tend to get rutted easily.

The team is blessed with rabid fans who give the arena a wonderful atmosphere, and Peterborough's renovated Memorial Centre is easily one of the OHL's finest buildings.

Much like in Kitchener, Peterborough combines a proud historic building with modern renovations to give a building with the amenities of a new building and the soul of an old one.

The ice is actually raised on a “stage” from ground level, which means that anyone in standing room winds up looking up at the players, just contributing to the sense of the sportsmen being performers.

The arena is not laid out along sides like nearly every other hockey arena, but instead is laid out end-to-end.

The design of the building is definitely odd; it's built with a large overhang that almost reaches Landsdowne Street that is constructed over a new atrium that was built when the Memorial Centre was renovated a few seasons ago.

A large marquee reads "Peterborough Memorial Centre" and the rest of the building is mainly done either in brown brick or aluminum siding.

The Petes have a well-stocked team store to the right of the main entrance.Killing the lights is no longer necessary since air conditioning was installed, but they still do it anyway.In addition, Peterborough is as "promotion-heavy" as any OHL building I've been to.Their promotions girl's voice is nails on a chalkboard, and it's a shame for a team as historic as the Petes to play in an atmosphere where they seem like the sideshow at times.Finally, while the arena sound system is terrific, the music selection is mainly techno and club music, which in my opinion doesn't really belong at a hockey game.

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