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Anyways, I had pretty much a good relationship for almost 10 years, the end was regretful, specially her actions and the way she handled it (not her fault, just how women are at the end).Luckily, I had a good support group from the worlds best seducers that gave me a good life perspective this include seducers inside the community such as “The Thin Man, Blackdragon, Uncle Walker, Pureevil, Will Freeman (aka the revolution lifestyle design), Julien(rsd), Tyler(rsd), Madison (rsd)”.

10.- My game has reach new levels of power and efficiency.

Breaking up, looking back, was the best thing that ever happened to me, since the break up: 1.- Job offers and Opportunities making 6 figures.

2.- New apartment 3.- New car (just lol the same car I used to take from her to go to clubs but newer model) 4.- Real Estate license (back into the biz) 5.- Increase in savings.

Dates This one can be the hardest to follow, but abide by it.

Girls know within the first 5 minutes how far they will go with you, and will probably do so at the earliest possible time.

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Leykis insists that some men have been ordered by the courts to pay child support to their former wives, even though they were not the biological father of her children.

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