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"There's some demons runnin' loose inside that boy," says Hound, "and sometimes I think they grab hold of him and won't let him go." He hated war, he still does, but ever since, he's hated Decepticons even more.

It is odd to see a bot of peace so willingly take up arms, but Bluestreak's got a score to settle. Millions of years ago on Cybertron, Bluestreak was escorted by Fusion on a mission to deliver shatter bombs to the Autobot military commander Optimus Prime.

Any subject, any time of the day, his lips are flapping while his Autobot comrades are rolling their eyes.

Words are coming out of his mouth in a near constant prattling stream.

Could be about things on Earth, could be about things on Cybertron, could be about just about anything, but the point is, y'know, he's talking.While this is a natural part of the aging process, some women still find it hard to let go of their “original” hair color, and resort to dyes, highlights or other methods to avoid going grey.On the other hand, there are also plenty of women who seem to be embracing the change in their hair color and are going grey gracefully!” Nearly half of the women who responded were very firm in saying, “I am never going to go grey.” The other half were passionately supportive of grey hair.Personally, while I still dye my own hair, I have to admit that my grey-haired sisters make some excellent points in support of going grey naturally. If you do decide to go grey, you don’t have to feel self-conscious about it – the standards of fashion are changing.

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Bluestreak arrived on Earth with his fellow Autobots four million years ago and remained inactive until 1984.

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