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I didn't even need to think about what he meant by "twin fucker" for a hot second.

I instantly knew exactly what homeboy was talking about.

The user can then upload any picture, and the app will find lookalikes.

The most-searched celebrities globally are Kim Kardashian West and Emma Stone.

It is one of the most popular dating apps in more than a dozen countries around the world, particularly in Eastern Europe, but is less prevalent in the US.

Dating coach Meredith Golden said it’s more likely people will use the service to look for celebrity doppelgängers than to find people who resemble their former partners.

“Everyone has a certain ‘type’ and Badoo Lookalikes is a fun way for users to search and date any lookalike from celebrity crushes to your high school sweetheart,” Andreev said.

Search for Jake Gyllenhaal and you’ll find hundreds of people around the world who have his expressive eyebrows, although they may not have his brooding good looks or star quality.

Miles Norris, vice president of product at Badoo, told the BBC that the app would prioritize people who were geographically close to the user, but not exclude others who might be thousands of miles away.Luckily, there is nothing a little bit of good old fashioned therapy can't fix. With social media influencing everything from plastic surgery to the appearance of our homes, it makes sense that people’s choice of partner would be next." I asked him, because I'm Jewish and it's in my genetic makeup to constantly try and set single people up.He bit into his burger, delicately patting the grease on his chin with a floral-printed cloth napkin. I'm a twin fucker," he purred, his voice as sweet as sugar.

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By connecting a Facebook account, users can also find partners that look like people they know, including friends, colleagues — and even exes.

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