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Mid-Atlantic Sports Network (MASN) is an American regional sports network owned as a joint venture between two Major League Baseball franchises, the Baltimore Orioles (which own a controlling 90% interest) and the Washington Nationals (which owns the remaining 10%).Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, the channel broadcasts regional coverage of sports events in the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area.The stark truth is that after decades of non-existent growth, we simply cannot afford guns and butter.And with our population ageing by the year, the burdens on the Exchequer are heavier than ever.

Our public universities, too, have fallen well below the levels of their Chinese and Indian competitors — let alone private institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge, which broke away from the state system in the 2030s and charge students more than €120,000 a year.

Today, we do not even have our own seat at the United Nations, being represented by an EU ambassador who hails from Luxembourg.

Indeed, no EU Chancellor has been elected in the past half- century without winning Germany’s 45 electoral college votes.

By contrast, it says it all that Britain has backed the losing candidate six times in a row.

Anti-European sentiments are often heard, but rarely acted upon.

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