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“We were there for each other whatever came our way.” A year later the couple purchased their first home together on Town Line Road in Sheguiandah where Nelson grew up. My family is down in London, but I’m not lonely because we have family here.” On January 19, 2014, the couple headed out snowshoeing behind their home.“It was just a really easy fit,” said Julie of their relationship. “I wanted to take her to the top of Orr Mountain and kept pushing her, but she was tired and getting hungry,” said Nelson.She had tried to take her dog Sparky to the Cup and Saucer, but after almost losing him in the woods when he caught a scent, she gave up, nervous and unfamiliar with the Island wilderness.The two became hiking buddies after Nelson said he would accompany her to the Cup and Saucer and show her other Island trails.“When I was growing up my grandma said she made it, but when she died my dad bought it and we were all really creeped out.After we learned it was a grocery store cake, we fondly referred to it as ‘memere cake’.” “For me, my mom always made our cakes when we were growing up, but once she was away for my birthday and my dad bought it,” said Nelson.“I married my best friend and I love coming home knowing that I get to spend time with him and our family,” said Julie, adding that their family also includes their two ‘fur babies’ Sparky and a Canadian lake island in Lake Huron, in the province of Ontario.

I actually fell over and then I asked her if she wanted to be my hiking buddy for life.” “I squealed a lot,” said Julie.

He returned to settle on Manitoulin, teaching in Wikwemikong since 2007.

“I came to the Island to find myself,” shared Julie.

SHEGUIANDAH—Playfulness, a love of winter and Christmas: three things that Nelson and Julie Rochefort-Wood discovered they shared four years ago when the couple met through a Little Current singles group Nelson started (and which this reporter wrote a promotional piece for at the time).

“The first time I tried it (the singles group), it didn’t work,” said Nelson, laughing. I tried to organize it again a few months later on April 27, 2012 at the Little Current Legion. I had just moved to Manitoulin and didn’t know a lot of people.” Julie might not have been looking for love, but when she entered the Legion that night that’s what she found, she just didn’t know it yet.

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Meanwhile, Nelson was a Haweater, born and raised on Manitoulin.

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