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It can be done in 16 episode but they drag until 21 episode. I’ve tried to watch it a few time but still didn’t manage to finish it. This is some top notch acting here you guys I am telling you. I have been watching Korean Drama since I was in college and It is my first time writing a comment... ) but it's been handled and directed very well so far, to every detail. He could stay with the heroine at the present and leave 4 centuries later once again? There are still 12 eps to go, the story might lead to it: why should he be the one staying and not her going?I don’t understand why the alien can’t just send the tumb drive that contain the video of the suspect to the police? :)) Anyway, I couldn't imagine anyone portraying Do Min Joon besides him. This is by far the first KOREAN drama series Ive ever watch that has NO DULL MOMENTS... You just wanna keep watching til it ends..Its like I don't sleep at all just to finish all the EPs... ^^ All the actors and actresses are EXCELLENT in their roles!!! I love the actor and actress who can act so much naturally like a real life. I don't say that this drama will keep perfection for sure, but i definitely recommend this one, if I have to choose between it and the heirs. It can also be an open ending in which it's not clear what happens, which would be frustrating but again, why not? I can predict what happen next in episode 9-10-11: 1.I can already tell that I'd be rewatching this in a heartbeat once my long break starts. Kudos to the writers and creative team for making such a gem :) This drama now takes the top spot of my favorite series of all time. No wonder this was one of the highest rated dramas in history.. This doesn't really focus on the elements which garner hype and mass appeal nowadays like solid visuals and OSTs. just couldn't focus on anything else beside this drama. I am seriously in love with the actors, and especially the two main ones. I mean, you can't let that psychopath CEO not being suspected until episode 19?It made an emotionally unavailable person like me laugh and cry so hard. But I guarantee everyone that it delivers through a very unique story. It is a groundbreaking story which pushed plot boundaries. don't want it to end even if there's only 20 episodes altogether. But I think CSY should be abled to do something better than DMJ. It seems to me like he always saves her and is better than her in everything. In reality this is a really important factor in a relationship. That'll be boring, and I believe there's one more room for another loveline.imo the fact that he saw and interacted her when she was a little girl makes me feel like their future romantic relationship is a little creepy... One is CSY's rude brother; the other is the secretary (whose name we really need to know soon). *drool* Anyway, I hope we'll see another alien soon, and I don't mind if these wishes of mine won't come true, but one (or two, three things) that must come true: A female alien, and her determination to stop psychopath CEO, and falling for a male human even if MJ forbids it.

The lead actor looks younger than the lead actress. at first I was skeptical about it because its fantasy and im not a fan of this genre but i gave it a chance anyway and im glad i did, I really loved this drama and enjoyed each episode highly recommended Can someone refresh my memory on a quote from this series, please. Bul tong jok tong." I don't know if the romanization is off or if I'm unable to trace it because it was created for this show but I'd like to know more. In fact, it actually feels like he's trying to hold them back but then those stupid tears fall down anyway hahaha. i like the actor and the actress (Kim soo Hyun and Gianna) they are so sweet. Was personally hoping Do Min Joon would end up being "more human" and being able to live on earth but has to give up his super power and grow old instead - But of course there would be a final scary moment of thinking he would die if he stayed - this would make more sense as they were already build-up elements in the series showing him losing his powers slowly. The plot is actually not very attractive (to me, alien? I love the ending of the 8th episode as well I can't wait for when the next one comes out! Of course, I'm hoping we will get a happy ending, but not with such an 'obvious' plot as him loosing everything that made him special and different to somehow 'force' him and justify his staying on Earth. Unlikely considering how much they insist on her career as an actress and her family but why not?

I came to watch it for jun ji hyun, but then i become Park Hae-jin fan(thanks for that). Even though you think you've had an idea of how the story might be by just reading the plot whatsoever, you actually got no idea at all without watching the whole drama. Then, you will have no idea how ignorant you were before you watch and how grateful you are to make the decision to watch :) Well, most of you people who make comments like a drama is overrated, without chemistry and with low acting quality, you people haven't watched the entire drama. But in this drama, it felt as alien visiting earth once in a while is normal. Don't know guys it felt very weird the way everything goes, specially the ending. I will give it 9/10(Great unique plot, nice casting, fantastic cinematography and CG) "you who came from the stars" j'adore trop ce drama c'est la 4eme ou 5eme fois que je le regard et je ri et pleure toujours autant. In every episodes, I always notice I'm smiling like an idiot. A 2012), The Moon Embraces the Sun(MBC2012), Ghost(SBS2012), Flowerboy Next door(tv N2013), I Can Hear Your Voice(SBS2013) Goddess of Fire(MBC2013), Who are You(tv N2013) and now it would be an honor to add You from Another Star(SBS2013) to the list! Can't wait for ep 3 ~~ p.s soo hyun looks so hot..omggg the abs~~ #youwhocamefromthestars fighting!

You can watch it, but it is a one time watch(though i watched it 2 times, but 2nd time i watched only park hae jin scenes). My suggestion to you guys is to watch the entire drama before you make a comment that you want other people to consider valid. superbe actrice jeon Ji-Hyeon, elle est géniale et super jolie. I can't help myself from laughing whenever Cheon Song-Yi will always praise herself in front of Do Min-Joon and most of the time make a (wrong) conclusion of her own. wondering if cheon song yi and do min joon's kids will have same powers too! And song yi's friend hui kyueng must find an amazing girl! Thank you SBS, OCN, MBC, KBS, Channel A, and Tv N for your hard work and entertaining the Life out of me when times in my life felt hard! I've been waiting for something worth-watching after Master's Sun and daa I'm here! ^O^ hello, oh my, i like the two main leads but Gianna is to old for kim soo hyun In Na would have been better lead who suits him.

It is a fantasy story so it should have a very happy ending like the legend of the blue sea rather than leave us with a little bit disappointement. Beautiful people, beautiful clothes, beautiful houses. The story, characters, romance, comedy everything is so perfect in this drama... Cheon song yi is the best female character i have ever watched nd Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon is LOVE ?? A great fantasy romance especially because of the acting and chemistry of the two main leads. obviously it's a good drama, but not that great as they say. i hope they will be having another set of series or movie.. I LOVED the main leads and their plot was interesting and it made me laugh through many parts of the story. For example after everyone finds out that he is an alien, everyone acts like normal like its very common for any alien to live among us. Anyways, I will be back to add more thoughts as this drama plays out, and hope to find some other good supporters of this drama. I feel for this Alien man who has no age, for his patience. The main leads are just so perfect and the chemistry between them is insane!!! It has a very strong story line like The masters sun :3 Heirs was good too but it was just a typical *Cinderella story* for me.

Yes i am a sucker for happy endings but my favorite kdrama was the moon lovers scarlet heart. I really liked how Jun Ji Hyun dared to play Cheon Song Yi as an over-the-top narcisstic top star and still managed to make her approachable and lovely. I watched it in 2014, and it was my first kdrama that i watched. The only episode I enjoyed was number 14, the others were totally boring. Pay a lot attention to the details, people :) A drama isn't just a story-telling video with people's dialogue in it. Also if somewhere an alien is found, i think the first one to research on it will be NASA. reminds me of lee gak and park ha on rooftop prince.. but min joon able to comeback although he will dissapear unexpectedly.. : D I like the whole package of this drama from the story plot down to the characters. I like this drama from the beginning, also before airing... "PLEACE DON'T PUT MORE STORYLINE RUBBISH SCENE ON THE BEGINNING"..... The Korean dramas that I have watched (that I can remember on the top of my head) are: Autumn Fairy Tale(KBS2000), Damo(MBC2003), Daejangguem(Jewel in the Palace)((MBC2003)), Winter Sonata(KBS2003), Summer Scent(KBS2003), Full House(KBS2 2004) My name is Kim Sam Soon(MBC2005), Delightful Girl Chun Yang(KBS2 2005), The Snow Queen(KBS2 2006), Spring Waltz(KBS2 2006), Princess Hours(MBC 2006), Jumong(MBC2006), Yi San(MBC2007), Lovers(SBS 2007), Coffee Prince(MBC2008), The Painter in The Wind(SBS2008), Dont Ask Me Bbout the Past(OCN2008), Queen Seon Duk(MBC2009), Baker Kim Tak Goo(KBS2010), Pasta(MBC2010), Chuno(KBS2 2010), Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal(KBS2 2010), Rooftop Prince(SBS 2010), Dongyi(MBC2010), Heartstrings(MBC2011), Me Too, Flower(MBC 2011), May Queen(MBC2012), Panda and the Hedgehog(Ch. I got hooked from the first episode hehe :) great job ! Popular just because it was full of famous hallyu actors and idols. It is doing so well in the first 2 episodes already!

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Do Min-Joon holds a cynical view to human beings, but he falls in love with actress Cheon Song-Yi. Have encouraged my friends to watch also and we are now addicted with this drama. This drama is unbelievably great I've been watching it for nth times already. I've already watched this drama 4 times and I still never get tired of it. Character Do Minjoon had so many layers ever scene he nailed it, his chemistry with Gianna Jun/Cheon Songyi was out of this world insane I felt their love connection, and you don't get that on many K-drama, but... Don't argue with me on this but this, by far is the only series that was worth its hype. I bet any self proclaimed KDrama fan has already watched this and it enjoyed it as well so this drama is definitely worth your time. Love the storyline so much❤️❤️❤️ Kim Soo-hyun as Do min jun & Jeao ju hyun as Song hi are the perfect couple! Omit the alien thingy and you can have a good drama. Both the comical part and the dramatic aspects were done beautifully! like many people here, I admit having watched a lot of krdramas including the heirs. But the way I read your comments here such a lame conversation you have. BUT, I think -----FOOLED the VIEWER----- by foolish action also need a boundary's worse then, because, from the beginning i think this drama will be a serious-melo comedy drama than a comedy-project....

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