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During the 1930s Martin also made archtop guitars with C, R, and F designations.

A guitar with a 14-fret neck has a body less than an inch shorter than a guitar with a 12-fret neck.

Country music fans will recognize the guitar Marty Robbins uses as a 5-18.

As the prefix numbers get smaller the guitars get bigger.

When I was a teenager, “D” or “dreadnaught” guitars were played by my family and friends, and this size has become a universal standard with its booming bass and powerful tone.

These days I see more and more old-time musicians using smaller guitars.

The dog breed which the pub owes its name to was formally used in the chase, and is therefore associated with greyhound racing, also known as "greycing".

The first Greyhound was founded in the 17th century with evidence of the title deeds dating back to New Year's Day 1686 and has been on the same site since then.

Description: The Greyhounds beautiful décor and friendly atmosphere makes it a well thought of establishment amongst beer aficionados and locals.You walk into a music store to check out the latest in 6-string guitars that might be suitable for old-time music.You overhear the salesman talking to another customer and they seem to be talking in some cryptic code: “D-35, triple 0-18, M-36, D-28s.” Should you yell “Bingo!?Most of these sizes were made before World War II and are not common now as most people prefer the tone and volume of larger guitars for group sessions.21- Rosewood back and sides, spruce top, dark binding around the top and back.All Martin models 28 and above have ebony fretboards and bridges and are bound with white plastic.

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