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Did the experience feel very special because of that, or was it exciting to put it back on no matter what?

Matt: I think, fundamentally, just to kind of get in his skin again was a great thing, but to see these two iconic DC characters interact -- and [the] first thing I thought was how would they interact, what would be their story and how would John react to Oliver Queen and vice-versa? Access: Stephen said you were walking around on set saying, 'I gotta find him.' How hard was it to find [the character again]?

Directed by the acclaimed Yaël Farber, Shakespeare's tale of love, revenge, madness and murder, arrives at the Gate on September 21st. They wanna make it work, so let's do it.'Access: Were you nervous at all about putting back on the trench coat [and] getting back into John Constantine? He's such an iconic, amazing character and he's so fun to play and he's dark and he's funny and it was great. Obviously, when the show wasn't picked up, I was disappointed and I felt that I still had unfinished business with the character, so to be able to get the trench coat on again was a great thing.Access: And it's kind of rare to have a crossover like this work so well.Access: And you're starring opposite Keira Knightley, who is making her Broadway debut. Access: It sounds like a really incredible production too because there are a lot of scenes where you're in the water and they've kind of made that come to life on stage. Matt: We actually are on a rowboat in the middle of Manhattan – it's a huge pool on a stage. As you can tell, I've got a little bit of a cold and that's because we're going into the water eight times a week. You're there on Broadway, and there's a river on stage. Access: And tell me a little bit about your character. Matt: I play the character of Laurent, who is basically -- he's a lothario.He's someone who doesn't have much money, he's down on his luck, but he's an opportunist.

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  1. (After all, some have speculated that Deke is related to Fitz Simmons, or that Flint is Mack and Yo-Yo’s own grandkid.) “Look, you’re sort of on the right track, that there might be connections..,” Cordova-Buckley answered.