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We are both world travelers, and have a mutual love for adventure.

I’ll never forget our first international excursion together – we went with my section to Iceland.

What advice do you have for prospective students who are single or in a relationship? At the end of the day, remember they are your support network, they know you best. HBS creates confusion personally and professionally, and that’s exactly what you want out of this experience – to think and grow and challenge yourself. My favorite HBS memory would be dancing all night with Drew and my friends in the middle of the desert while on a trip to Morocco.

My fiancé and I were assigned to the same discussion group.So as you can see, it takes a little creativity at times to maintain a balanced social life, but it is indeed possible to find your life partner while getting an MBA, and for some, they even find their life partner in the program. The business school experience is different for everyone.I later shared with him that this woman exhibited more patience than most, and when he told me it was a first date, well, this certainly means she is a woman of even greater patience than I thought.Hopefully he won't have to jump on another telecon during date number two (at least, I think he shouldn't if he wants a date number three).

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