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If, and only if, other obvious causes of restlessness and agitation have already been eliminated, then the physician may directly order medications to reduce the restlessness and agitation.

In almost all cases, the physician will have written standing orders for certain medications to be given for these conditions.

Carefully evaluating, recording and reporting all outward signs must be habitual with those caring for the dying.

Any changes must be understood, evaluated and responded to if appropriate.

On a more basic level, removing a hard object such as a syringe or catheter tubing that may have drifted underneath the patient may be all it takes to relieve the agitation. The following are examples of questions that nurses and physicians ask themselves as they approach this problem: As the terminally ill near death, body organs and systems begin to fail to a greater and greater degree.

Kidneys stop producing as much urine and function poorly, the liver and other organs also start to shut down.

When moods change or personalities seem to change, family members may be completely bewildered and feel helpless: not knowing what to do.

It is common knowledge that individuals who are experiencing even minor illnesses may demonstrate mood changes such as irritability, anger, depression and avoid communication with others.

Checking vital signs including pain levels is a first step. Is oxygen being given if appropriate for the patient's disease condition?

If their pain is well-managed and they are still agitated, then the other medications may be applied.

Certain disease conditions respond well to these medications while others have an opposite or no effect.

the patient is agitated, I'll use a sedative..." However, that may be a very short-sighted and uneducated approach. Because sedating the patient is not the first action to take.

One must first determine what other causes might exist.

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Some patients may insist that the police be called ... Some patients may not recognize those around them, confusing them with other people.

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