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However, within a decade, hemp would fall out of favour - it was insoluble, unpredictable, and had a short shelf-life. Eventually her desperate parents sourced a canniboid derivative to add to her existing anti-seizure drugs.

This reduced her seizure frequency from nearly 50 convulsive seizures per day to two to three per month. Its use in adolescence is associated with lower IQ, likely linked to impaired activity and neural connectivity in brain regions that mediate alertness, self-conscious awareness, learning, inhibition, multi-tasking, and memory.

The first puff of cannabis smoke reduced pain by a median of 72 per cent, compared to 15 per cent with the placebo.

These effects were sustained over the course of the trial.

The problem was that the extent of benefit only seemed to lie in the same range as existing tablets for pain, including opiates.

Furthermore, research has linked early adolescent cannabis use with increased risk of later life psychosis.

There is already solid trial evidence for the use of marijuana in pain syndromes; one randomised study in the US recruited patients with HIV who were suffering pain.

They were allocated to smoke cannabis cigarettes or placebo cigarettes three times daily for five days.

But first give me those decent trials, and decent evidence. And then I’ll be the first one to make a decision that serves my patients best.

The only way to get medical marijuana in the UK is if you have MS and are prescribed Sativex.

This is a sublingual spray, licensed for spasticity treatment in multiple sclerosis (MS) when other treatments have failed.

On the brand’s website, it states that each bottle of the “100 per cent natural cannabidiol oil” contains around 240 drops.

The description also explains that the product has a “distinctive taste”, but that a small drink of water after taking the oil will take the taste away within 30 seconds.

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