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He also performs with Stella, a live cabaret act with collaborators David Wain and Michael Ian Black. Showalter is currently screenwriting full-time, has two scripts in development, and will direct his first solo scripted feature, tentatively titled The Baxter, in the fall of 2003.

The movie stars Sally Field as an eccentric Staten Island resident who, after losing her mother, develops a passionate crush on a 30-ish co-worker (Max Greenfield) and befriends his group of Brooklyn hipsters.

She says things and does things that are surprising in a funny way.

So we liked the idea that Doris, who, her clothing obviously is such a big part of her character, finds herself sort of as an accidental celebrity in this hipster, artisanal sub-culture of Williamsburg that is so incredible and so vibrant.

So we liked the juxtaposition of that, that she's kind of the real article of what they are all in some respects trying to be.

SP: The film features an older woman as a protagonist and makes her funny, but her age (or her crush on a younger guy) is not the butt of the joke.

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