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They will find extensive and fascinating information at the following Web site:Distribute the list of names of animals found in the Burgess Shale, and invite students, working individually or in groups, to select, research, and find a description of one or more animals.When they are finished, show them a picture of the animal and tape up the pictures they made. During the discussion, students should address the different methods used by scientists to establish time frames for geologic events, and they should explain why several methods may be used together to date a single fossil. This feature article describes the contemporary threat of underwater noise pollution to sea creatures that have evolved to acquire highly sensitive hearing.For example, why might one fossil require the use of radiocarbon dating, the law of superposition (layering), and observations of reversals in Earth's magnetic field? This article presents research that suggests life may have gotten its start at the ocean floor in little "gardens of Eden"—ecological niches formed by volcanoes. The author explores the causes of this underwater stress.Provide students with some unidentified natural objects (parts of a whole) such as animal skulls or bones and ask them to visualize and sketch the whole animal.Ask students to list the clues they used to visualize the animal. Have students research and discuss geochronology—the science of using geologic markers to date Earth's history.

This lesson plan may be used to address the academic standards listed below.

Have them each create a diorama featuring their creatures in the ancient sea.

Students should be sure to include information labels for each specimen.

(You may want to see that all the listed animals are selected by one or more students.) The Web site cited previously will prove helpful in their research.

After they have completed their research, have students build models of their chosen animals, based on what they have learned.

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