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Both approaches remain core to Data Warehousing architecture as it stands today.Smaller firms might find Kimball’s data mart approach to be easier to implement with a constrained budget.Ralph Kimball and his Data Warehouse Toolkit While Inmon’s first published in 1996, that included a host of industry-honed, practical examples for OLAP-style modeling.Kimball’s book was this author’s “go to” volume when working on a Data Warehouse project for a financial services company in the late 1990s.End-user access to this warehouse is simplified by a consistent set of tools provided by an end-user interface and supported by a business data directory that describes the information available in user terms.”In addition to Big Blue’s innovations, the onset of the 1990s saw two industry pundits gear up for further advances in the nascent world of Data Warehousing.Bill Inmon, the Father of Data Warehousing Considered by many to be the Father of Data Warehousing, Bill Inmon first began to discuss the principles around the Data Warehouse and even coined the term in the 1970s, as mentioned earlier.Kimball left Red Brick in 1992 to start his own consultancy, Ralph Kimball Associates which is now part of the Kimball Group.

His Corporate Information Factory remains an example of this “top down” philosophy.His website dedicated to the CIF serves as a repository for Inmon’s writing and white papers on all aspects of the data profession.Inmon’s approach to Data Warehouse design focuses on a centralized data repository modeled to the third normal form.Dimensional modeling in many cases is easier for the end user to understand, another benefit for small firms without an abundance of data professionals on-staff.Data Warehousing in the 21st Century Many of the current changes in today’s data industry also affect Data Warehousing.

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Inmon feels using strong relational modeling leads to enterprise-wide consistency facilitating easier development of individual data marts to better serve the needs of the departments using the actual data.

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