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You might ask yourself why I didn’t just approach one of the many beautiful guapas that walk around in the capital of Spain. There were many Spanish beauties, who I could have asked for their phone number, but there was who took my breath away and this girl happened to be from Africa. There were many beautiful local girls, but it seemed as if my charm wasn’t enough for the Spanish battlefield.I had already read a lot about how hard it is to seduce Spanish women.I am pretty sure that I just have a few readers from Spain, because they majority of those guys know exactly how to approach and seduce girls. After I had approached a dozen guapas who smiled and laughed before they made up some random excuse to not give me their phone number, I saw her.In case you are a Spanish Senor and you don’t know how to get the girls, my failure can give you some hope. She was different than the majority of girls who walked around on the streets of Madrid.Black girls have the most phenomenal butts compared to girls from all other races.

The first thing that struck us was what appeared to be a rape scene.

I also knew that the last thing that the local guys need is a guy who teaches them how to flirt with the ladies.

Anyone who has ever been to Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia knows that Spanish guys have good game.

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting a guy who I became friends with during my time in London.

We studied at the same university, we went to the same house parties and one evening we nearly slept with the same girl, but that’s another story.

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