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' "Career" sounds like such a big word for lurching from job to job as I do..’ Yet Natasha still feels strangely fond of Rachel. ‘Because the four central characters are all mistresses in one way or another, the series shows the grey areas that mean you can’t always paint someone as black or white as you want them to be.Always known as Bo, he’s the British-born son of Polish parents and his first name Bohdan means ‘gift from God’.She and Bo, who live in East London, had already met a couple of times in different productions at the National Theatre in the late 1990s before they were introduced properly by a mutual friend who was appearing alongside Bo in a production of at the Bristol Old Vic in 1999.‘It’s hard to play a character if you don’t like them,’ she admits. I based Rachel on an amalgam of several people, and she herself didn’t think she was terrible – she thought she was well-intentioned.’ In , she’s relishing playing the wronged party. It’s impossible to judge other people’s relationships – you never know the whole story, you never get the full picture.Fortunately, I’ve never been in that situation.’ Natasha herself has been happily married since 2003 to 35-year-old actor Bohdan Poraj (short for Poraj-Pstrokonski, which is her mouthful of a married name).‘My so-called cool exterior is just a façade,’ she says.‘And sometimes enigma can be confused with not really knowing what you’re doing.

(of which more later), she seems surprisingly self-deprecating.

It is no exaggeration to say that Natasha Little once enjoyed the cult status of being British television’s most hated blonde.

Not as herself, of course, but as Rachel, the beautiful, treacherous lawyer with the soft, wheedling, little-girl voice and the aura of sweet poison in the 90s decade-defining yuppie drama serial .

When I conceived, we weren’t even trying for a child, though obviously we were having sex,’ she says, laughing as she adds, ‘sorry to be blunt about it, but what I mean is I wasn’t taking my temperature or anything at the time.’ So central is Gabriel to her life that she admits, ‘I hate to be separated from him.

When he was little, it took a long time for me to get back to work; in fact, I took two years off.

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We’ve all had run-ins with Rachels in our lives (though in my case she’s called Jane – don’t deny it, you know who you are).

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