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“She said he was very persistent and focused though she kept saying no for over an hour,” according to one Weinstein Company document cited by The Times. Once there, she said, he undressed and told her to lie on the bed; she refused and fled.“I know that everybody — I mean — in Hollywood knows that it’s happening,” she said to The New Yorker.

Weinstein invited her to meet where he was staying.

“I felt guilty as if I did something wrong.”In an Instagram post, the actress Kate Beckinsale said that Mr.

Weinstein offered her alcohol in a hotel room when she was just 17 years old.

Weinstein groped her breasts when he met with her in 2015, prompting her to alert the New York Police Department.

In a sting operation the next day, she captured audio of Mr. Weinstein can he heard saying in the recording, released on Tuesday by The New Yorker.

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