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The end of the reason anyone had ever come here in the first place.Our entire settler existence here has been very dependant on this mentality whereby you take what you can, as fast as you can, and abandon the lot if it all burns down.And then you leave that neighbourhood and find amazing things that are related to New Orleans jazz, and that have sprung from it, but that are really different.

The people I know here are so smart, and they’re so good at seeing grey areas, but then somehow it all just falls apart when you have to make any sort of political decision. We have a really ingrained paternalism whereby you , ever speak back to father. Regarding what Emily said about our relationship to a political figure like Danny Williams. You could use Brian Tobin or Joey Smallwood or whomever.

The moratorium said, “Here’s the end of the narrative for rural Newfoundland. That delayed, until later, the true meaning of the moratorium, which was the end of the 17-century Newfoundland way of life.

It’s over.” Rather than addressing that, the shellfish fisheries came in and paid bigger money. The end of the seemingly-inexhaustible cod stocks in near waters.

In fact, we have a mentality sometimes that goes so far as to be whether or not you engage at all.

Like, it’s very common where I’m from, for people to half-boastfully say, “Oh, I don’t go in for that politics stuff. I don’t even watch the news.” As if this is something that is somehow a positive reflection of how their disengagement makes them a really laid-back human being.

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