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Tam's first album as a solo artist was "Naughty Boy" (反斗星) in 1979.He later releases such as "Love in Autumn" (愛在深秋) in 1984 or "Embrace" (擁抱), "Flower in Water" (水中花) or "Half Dazed, Half Awoken" (半夢半醒) achieved commercial success.The course takes an all rounded approach to the idea of coaching from learning the basic nutritional facts and psychological aspects, and also takes a more holistic approach by teaching students the vital soft skills needed to build good team management.Students who choose this diploma can work towards becoming not only a coach but also an Allied Educator for MOE as well as a Sports Official in upcoming games.

He subsequently starred in more than ten films in Taiwan including The Funny Couple and Part Time Job.In the late 90s, the singers brushed aside any doubts about their friendship, and even appeared together in galas and other special programmes.In 1999, Leslie Cheung, together with other 17 singers, participated in the Album "Paying Tribute to Alan Tam" (誰可改變15週年紀念集) and collaborated to produce the single remix of Tam's popular songs "Illusion" (幻影) and "Foggy Love" (霧之戀).In 2003, he teamed up with fellow artist Hacken Lee for a major world tour entitled Alan & Hacken (Chinese: 左麟右李, also translated as ""Left Alan Right Hacken").The name is a play on a Chinese idiom which means "neighbours" (左鄰右里).

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  2. While similarly well-preserved Late Pleistocene cave sites are found in other regions of the world, the cave sites in this region of South China (as well as several sites in neighboring Japan and the Russian Far East) are unique due to the presence of ceramic vessels in their otherwise Late Paleolithic assemblages.