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It is best to write an initial e-mail or instant message (if that option is available) that will arouse the respondent’s interest and make him or her want to contact you to learn more.

Your first email serves as your pick-up line with the added benefit that you can design this e-mail based on information that is given to you in their profile.

The following section will help you to find the right words and tone for your messages.

Remember though that both men and women like when someone contacts them first.To let a person know you are interested in him or her you can select an option some sites calls a wink or a tease.While this allows you to be coy and indicate interest, it does not require you to put yourself on the line to reveal or say anything about yourself.It takes trial and error and your skills will increase rapidly.It is much easier to cyber flirt than to flirt in person for many of us.

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