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EDITOR'S NOTE: As is hopefully obvious from the title, this article contains some words about sexytimes, though nothing explicit. Everyone’s always going on about how oh, we’re all thirty years old now, all grown up, and we’re making games about fatherhood like in Papo & Yo and The Walking Dead and all that jazz, and you can honestly murder anything in games these days, like you can make the witches in Left 4 Dead into Whitney Houston, have her sing to you, and then gun her down. In an attempt to sex up the interactive neonhighway like a British secret dossier, I put on a large trenchcoat and a mask and looked dashing as I rummaged through the internet’s intimates in search of the best, most interesting free games about doin’ it. Like Pietro Righi Riva, who is making a game called Awkward Sex about how hard (hah!

If you're too young to be reading such things or you're likely to be offended by them, avert thy eyes! I mean you can even make the likeness of Hitler and Stalin as Miis and then have them play tennis against each other, but still games are all like: NO HUMPING. I said hard) it is to position two bodies intimately, Leon is concerned with presenting us with a tricky bodily problem. Tea (SFW, not if you are a cuttlefish though) “You are in an OCEAN.

The best thing about being internet denizens is that we are open, at any time, to stumbling over the most vibrant of emotional objects: it’s difficult to understand why we sit there most of the time clicking on trailers and posting on forums when there’s a wealth of free, really interesting interactive experiences out there.

There is nothing in Marras’ game that the main character wants to overcome: rather, the main character values the process of the ‘tapes’ with her new naked-partner. Stephen has a wonderful way of having you feel emotions through mechanical means, having his otherwise stark or abstract images provoke a reaction in you. Aside from the fact that Anna has made so many games that explore the, ahem, ins and outs, of human sexuality, particularly queer sexuality, she’s been a fantastic catalyst for a whole host of people making more games about their own sexual experiences.

Watching and reading the process unfold is a touching, gentle experience, and though no sex acts per se are embarked upon, you know those two are at it like rabbits when we’re not around. A recent discovery, trawling through his games, has been sub/conscious, which is a game that messes with your computer like it is a simulation of your filthy mind, playing with your sex-obsessed brainpipes and generally having the power to really freak you out. You can play any number of her games for free, ranging from Sex Cops of Tickle City all the way to Triad, her game about how to share a bed when you’re polyamorous and have exhausted your sexual appetite for the night.

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