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Providers can override this setting, by default this is false which means that the provider will authenticate the username password when Change Password is called.

This property exists purely for backwards compatibility.

If the user was not created, Create User returns null.

Before creating a new user, Create User calls the provider's overridable On Validating Password method to validate the supplied password.

Pull the data out of the database and put it into your Membership User class.

Takes, as input, a user name, password, password question, and password answer and updates the password question and answer in the data source if the user name and password are valid.Here is my factory code for retrieving a Membership User: Burning. Introduction to the Provider Model Membership Providers Role Providers Site Map Providers Session State Providers Profile Providers Web Event Providers Web Parts Personalization Providers Custom Provider-Based Services Hands-on Custom Providers: The Contoso Times Membership providers provide the interface between ASP.Here is my web.config code: Nothing too complex so far.When a user logs into the website, navigates to the Change Password page and enters their information the only parts of my custom provider that get hit (as far as I can tell through Debugging) are the Ok I've figured it out and will post it here in case anyone else has problems with this.

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