Php code for validating the form

In the next one, we used for the div tag and we identified it by Sign-In in the CSS styles webpage.

In the last we used an ID for button and we applied CSS styles on it.

Listing 6: Figure 4: Taking input from user as the user’s ID and Password to get log-in As you can see at this stage the webpage of is working well.

Because we need a webpage which takes input from user’s ID and Password, and the main thing it should not show the user’s Password which he is giving input at the getting log-in time.

I have a simple way to use the Inline Style of CSS to get rid from this problem. Listing 2: Inline CSS Style So let’s we check the output of the webpage after writing the inline CSS style in the fieldset tag as you can see it in the Listing 2.

This will fetch all data according to the SELECT query.We can use it from the external file by giving an ID name for the fieldset tag.But the easiest way is to use Inline Style in this kind of situations to handle them.And in last we used if statement to know the condition of query.Because sometimes it could be happen the user and password is not present in the database.

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And then we used SELECT query to select two things from the database, which is user Name and Pass.

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