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But I could use the idea and the cards as inspiration.This is how it actually turned out IRL and the students loved every minute of it and spoke English as never before.Teaser: Lisa Anderson: One of the guys I dated, on our second date had a Power Point presentation (Laughter) for me of how our relationship was gonna go, complete with, I mean, it was like pivot tables (Laughter) and like algorithms and stuff, no joke. Jim Daly: John, I think the conversation last time was really helpful to a lot of singles. It doesn't get any bolder than that, so what prompted you to name it that?And he presented it to me and I was like, "That is a bit much."End of Teaser John Fuller: That's Lisa Anderson, reflecting on a date that didn't turn out so well for her and she was with us last time on "Focus on the Family." She's back today with more insights about being a single and pursuing marriage with purpose. I hope so and maybe the parents of singles to say, okay, now I kinda get a better idea what's going on. Jim: But we want to continue that discussion today and I think if you're in that spot and you're single and you don't know, "Why, God, I'm still here," I think you'll hear some things today that are gonna help. Lisa: Well, I think I wanted it to be kind of my statement.(This might also be elaborated into a mini-lesson of revising vocabulary on professions or this speed dating lesson could have been preceded by a vocabulary lesson on professions.) Next the student may choose any place in the world.All these data should now be recorded on the blank piece of paper they got at the beginning of the lesson.The students are then told the principles of speed dating, which involves intense social and verbal interaction between two strangers for five minutes max, until the bell sounds.

Rearrange the furniture so that there is one empty chair in front of the desk of each sitting student.Well, I couldn’t really use the cards themselves very well in the classroom.First of all, I had only one pack and I didn’t want to divide them up among the students either.A couple of months ago my son, who lives in Stockholm, Sweden, at the moment, sent me a card game upon request, Icebreaker.I had read about it, gotten curious and thought it might come in handy in the classroom at some point.

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