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After you add the library to your project, you add a reference in the file and then write code in the Render or post Render method. Note that you can’t change the style of the List View itself, but you can change the style of each List Item through its parent, the Row Template.Each List Item has a method, which is called when the user taps the Save button on an Add/Edit screen.More information about this command can be found at Changing_ZCS_Time_Zones .

delete Calendar Resource(dcr) get All Calendar Resources(gacr) [-v] [-e] [-s server] [] get Calendar Resource(gcr) [attr1 [attr2...]] modify Calendar Resource(mcr) [attr1 value1 [attr2 value2...]] purge Account Calendar Cache(pacc) [...] rename Calendar Resource(rcr) op = eq, has, startswith, endswith, ge, le, gt, lt $ zmmailbox help appointment get Appointment Summaries(gaps) [opts] -v/--verbose verbose output absolute date-specs: mm/dd/yyyy (i.e., 12/25/1998) yyyy/dd/mm (i.e., 1989/12/25) \d (num milliseconds, i.e., 1132276598000) relative date-specs: [mp -]?

For example, you might set the default value of a date field to the current date.


The default location for a popup is at the bottom of a screen; bottom right for wider screens.You can easily create your own method for deleting items from either a screen or a popup.You can allow users to pick an item from a list if you display a modal dialog, which you can easily accomplish by adding a screen query and a popup.In your own code, you can replace the alert code with code to perform your own action, for example, displaying different screens based on the user’s choice.You may want to change the screen title based on information that isn’t available at design time, such as the name of the currently selected customer.

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