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(Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP) Janney: No convincing at all!

And there are several songs of hers that would make me feel things and I love her music. I was like, "I would really love to see Allison dance to this song in a clown outfit." And that's how the whole thing started.

While I do that, how about you check out some of this week’s new music. That’s all for this week’s round of music but as always you can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Spotify.

I don’t remember much about the trip save for the feeling of lying stretched out in the back seat with my brother and those songs playing over and over again.

It’s definitely an evolution from my past internal writing and onto something more universal.

Rachael Yamagata's second album comes as a double, the nine moody love songs of Elephants followed by a burst of five more brusquely energetic rock songs on Teeth Sinking into Heart.

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That type of singular, romantic gesture is the kind of moment captured in vivid relief in Yamagata's music, which aptly traverses the minutiae of modern love, from first blush to the messy complications, and many points between.So this is fantastic that we even have a fruit platter available. I finally think I figured out how to express the optimism that I feel in life into art. 1, 2016 photo, singer Rachael Yamagata, center, poses with Josh Radnor, director of Yamagata's music video for her song "Let Me Be Your Girl," and actress Allison Janney, who appears in the video, at H. 1, 2016 file photo, singer Rachael Yamagata poses for a portrait at H. Yamagata: This is one of those like put your windows down, drive, songs of joy. My sort of calling card in music has always been these troubadour of heartbreak, get-your-soul, emotional breakup songs. Yamagata: Almost like Tom Waits and Nick Cave meet Roberta Flack. There's saxophones and banjos and drumming on ladders in the middle of the woods and French spoken word. I keep describing it as if you're thinking of quitting anything then this might be the record for you. “Something” became embedded in my childhood and since then has remained a favourite song.I remember my stepmother singing it to my father and the two of them holding hands while it played.

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