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We are looking for quality Merchants across all categories to be a part of this exclusive event. Sign ups will close at AM (SLT) on May 19th, 2018.If you think that this is something you’d like our brand to participate in, read on! While we encourage everyone to sign up, it is not a commitment on your part and does not guarantee a spot at the auditions.However, the current DDo S attacks are at a level that we rarely see, and are impacting the entire grid at once.My team (the Second Life Operations Team) is working as hard as we can to mitigate these attacks.However, we are very fortunate to have the bounty of materials that exists in Earth's crust, and our civilisation would not have developed without them.What are the odds of another planet being similarly equipped?

Join in through the small join button, not the big apartment buttons. Space = Snap to Grid Left Alt = Leave a duplicate of item F G H J K L rotate : P X C V B, Shift X and Shift C lift and lower the object R and T lock the object movement onto X or/and Z axis - Keybind "M" will drop your item to near island level, or beach level if clicked twice (Home 1) "N" for lifting up to he mountains.

Updated 30.6 - Furniture Snaps to Grid of 0,1 when holding down space Updated 29.6 - Furniture rotating works great again!

- Home props count working with duplicate (alt) Updated 22.6 - "Bot Cumshot" hidden with Shift-Z/Hide Interface. - Shift F pauses and plays animation rather than just simply freezing it.

We’ve had people working round-the-clock since they started, and will continue to do so until they settle down. ) Second Life is not the only Internet service that’s been targeted today.

My sister and brother opsen at other companies across the country are fighting the same battle we are.

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To set you off of "bot mode" you need to press F4, after which your ghost partner will no longer auto accept poses but it fixes other players joining into the room x) Updated Updated 14.10 - Shift X toggles name plates on and off - Speed Slider gets and extra gear from 1.5 speed to 2.5 if you hold down left Shift Updated 6.7 - Home Editor "Load from file" no longer clears your current build, allowing you to merge rooms, or share your custom built props with friends!

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