Recipient policy not updating new users

However (as mentioned before in my Note), my Dynamic DL is in the CN=Users, DC=ASH, DC=NET Organizational Unit.Now if I move my users into the Users OU, then they receive the email & show up as valid recipients.For example, you can share your contacts folder with people.Or, you can create a new contacts folder for a specific project and share it people. You can share any of these folders by doing the following: Create, read, change, and delete all items and files, and create subfolders.This section includes instructions to share contacts folders that you create.

First launch Active Directory users and computers and enable the advanced features so we get access to the security tab. We now set the option to include inheritable permissions from this objects parents. This change may take a moment or two so be patient .

Tip: Always get your buddies to peer review your work.

A second set of eyes on an issue usually goes a long way to figuring things out.

For example, you can create a contacts folder for a specific project and share it with your coworkers.

Optionally, you can grant them permission to modify the contacts.

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