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We simulated various data loss scenarios and tried to account for common issues people face.Each software application was thoroughly tested to account for variables and differing scenarios.Photo Rescue can recover nearly all major camera raw formats, making the program suitable for serious photographers needing to recover lost raw images on their memory cards.Our tests simulated data loss from two of the most common data loss scenarios: lost files and a reformatted drive.Get Data was the only program that recognized every major camera raw format we threw at it.Each raw format is unique to the brand of camera it stems from, and typically their uncompressed nature makes them difficult for recovery software to recognize.Speed doesn’t mirror quality, but it does help you get your images back quicker in a stressful situation.

Its modern, colorful interface is intuitive, and it only takes a few clicks to initiate a scan.

Vector images saw a 73 percent return, and production images saw 63 percent recovery.

However, the software really struggled to recover any of the camera raw files during the reformatting portion of our tests.

The program succeeds at recognizing all major camera raw images aside from Samsung and Epson.

Photo Rescue has one of the fastest scanning speeds of any product in our comparison, an average of 143GB per hour.

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